Friday, January 13, 2012

Prosperous Enterprises in Every Village - Dream of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi advocated development of villages. He did not want special emphasis on development of urban area by transferring resources from villages to urban centers. But the modern development of India was based on development of urban centers. Massive industrial and irrigation projects that were accompanied by big beauracratic (hierachical) organizations that were supported big educational institutes, hospitals, recreation centers, movie theatres, shopping facilities, eating facilities and travel facilities. One led to the other and people in villages were forced to migrate to cities in search of livelihood. 

Gandhi's Dream for Villages of India

A cow in every house
provided with plentiful green grass

carpenters, tailors
potters and shoppers
business every where
with plenty to share

A doctor to look after
Good leader to administer
A teacher for children to grow
A bank for wealth to flow

Gandhi's dream
For me, it's supreme

by Narayana Rao, Vamsi, Priyanka


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