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Stock Market Poems

 Collection - 1
A collection of poems/rhymes on stock market

Trading in the Market

To trade in the stock market, you need some capital
Brokers do provide additional capital
Up or down, you buy or sell, brokers take home the brokerage
Market, goes against your bet, you pay the bill for wreckage.


Stock market is there to enable speculation
To avoid total loss, you must do risk reduction
Risk is reduced by diversification
Aided by stocks having low correlation.

Value Parade

I am Benjamin Graham, the guru of value
I am Warren Buffett, the extractor of value
I am the internet, the creator of value
I am the subprime loan, the destroyer of value.

Fundamental Analysis

The company's life is long
But its loans are small
It makes profits
and shares with partners
Its profits grow
Its assets grow
Its reputation grows
Its liquidity grows
You can calculate its value
and there is a seller who concurs with your view.
Buy, buy, buy says the bull
Sell, sell, sell says the bear
Double top, double top announces the analyst
Wait and watch for trend, cautions the journalist.


Watch your charts for the trend
Trend is your friend
in opening a trade
and closing a trade
Trend is identified by watching tops and bottoms
Which are visible on charts of bars
A bottom will be there between two tops
A top will be there between two bottoms
Increase in bottoms indicates an uptrend
Decrease in tops signals the downtrend
Keep your charts up-to-date
Watch your charts with a trend template
Trend is the horse
That draws your capital cart in the bourse. 

Stop Loss

The stock broker says, what is your stop loss?
The customer says, why should I stop my loss?
I am in it for profit
Why should I drop it?
You know less
But want to make more
Your chart might have said buy
You may be a right guy
But the operator may sell
and your trade may go to hell
Don't use your yell
It is better to sell
Don't allow your trade to stay
Save the capital for another day.


I took the risk
and made my business brisk
I am eligible for bonus
My ranks are eligible for bonus
Thus danced and spoke a Merrill CEO
with a big EGO
The God of Risk listened with a smile on his face
and then showed his angry face
What is my duty?
What is my responsibility?
I do reward
But I also award
Penalty when greed becomes the need
and men pay no heed
The markets were down
The CEO became a clown
Risk does not mean only reward and capital gain
It also means loss and mental pain.
21.3. 2009

I was inspired by a book of poems by Dr. Subhash Sharma, a PG from IIM Ahmedabad and Ph.d from from University of California. I heard him reading his two poems on the market and then glanced through his book of poems on 20.3.2009. This gave me the feeling that I can also write some poems. I composed the poems and posted them on knol on 21.3.2009.
I informed Dr. Subhash the same and he was kind to encourage my first effort by commenting they are interesting poems.
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